Dead or alive? Or Vampire?! PART 2

Dead or alive? Or Vampire?! PART 2

by: xNeverxGiveupxEverx

:D please do the first one before you do this one! ( Dead or alive? Or vampire )

Anyway, lets pretend you work! And you work at..... a clothes shop! For guys and gals, and the shop is called " For the Gals and dudes out there! " Good luck!
XOXO xNeverxGivexUpxEverx AKA Saretheklutz

  1. 1

    Did you read the intro?

  2. 2

    At the shop ( that you work at ) called for the Gals and dudes out there! And Ky and Sonic are there and are new

  3. 3

    Ky takes his break and leaves but Sonic is still their and is staring at you with lust in his eyes

  4. 4

    Suddenly Ky walks in and he's hand in hand with one of your friends:

  5. 5

    Then they kiss right infront of you like your not there, when they stop. Your friend looks at you and smiles with a little drool going down her mouth.(Gross i know)

  6. 6

    Sonic takes your hand and takes you to the basement of the store, then he grabs you and puts his lips against your neck

  7. 7

    Sonic suddenly bites your neck, drinking your blood

  8. 8

    However you reacted you blacked out.... You woke up in the hospital, with your friend ( That kissed Ky ) sitting in the bed next to you, her neck all blooded dry

  9. 9

    TO BE CONTINUED, im sorry if you didn't like the quiz

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