How well do u know your rock lyrics?

by: Xtremeblink182

How well do u know your rock lyrics? Blink-182, AVA, boxcar racer, +44, transplants, Sum41, the used, MCR, billy talent, against me!,

  1. 1

    Sum 41. Finish the lyrics: gods got a plan for me. Well I'm gonna tell u one thing...

  2. 2

    Blink182... Finish the lyrics: Tidal waves they, rip right through me...

  3. 3

    AVA lyrics: Do you believe in hallucinations? Silly dreams or...

  4. 4

    MCR lyrics: Another knife in my hand, a stain that never comes out, the sheets clean me off...

  5. 5

    Boxcar racer lyrics: And I am, lost in the crowd, I'm standing in line...

  6. 6

    +44 lyrics: If this is not the time for us to speak like this, if I'd never had the thought I would never dream of this...

  7. 7

    Transplants lyrics: When the fog comes through the golden gate and the moon shines on the bay

  8. 8

    The used lyrics: so here I am, life at last

  9. 9

    Billy talent lyrics: Take a look at what we've become Nothing more than silhouettes of...

  10. 10

    Against me lyrics: not one more word tonight, between here and there. We'll put a distance the size of the ocean

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