Would you be a good doctor?

by: linford27
  1. 1

    A overweight patient complains of leg and ankle pain

  2. 2

    A mum brings her 7 year old in saying he has constant tummy pain

  3. 3

    A teenager comes crying saying she is pregnant and needs an abortion

  4. 4

    An old man complains of bad eyesight

  5. 5

    A little girl says her fingers hurt

  6. 6

    A woman comes in with a 'suspicious freckle' on her back

  7. 7

    A worried old lady comes in saying she thinks she has nose cancer becuase she keeps sneezing

  8. 8

    A 13 year old comes in saying she doesnt want to live anymore!

  9. 9

    The suspicious freckle is growing and IF you did tests they come back inconclusive!

  10. 10

    A drunk man stumbles in saying his wifes a *****!

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