A supernatural romance story, who is your love?

by: _Mizuki_

This is a story involving a group of supernatural guys, one of which is for you, which one is it? Follow the story to find out! Rate 5 & comment with opinions please and if i should make another~

  1. 1

    You walk into the common room, Chase and Shade are sat playing Xbox. You grab a Pepsi from the kitchen area.

  2. 2

    Keita and Jay enter the room. "Good." Chase says, standing up."We're all here, so we can tell her now." You look confused, then they all stand up and walk over to you. "You see now?"

  3. 3

    You wake up. The memories of the day before, they all come flooding back.

  4. 4

    Lily runs up to your bed and sky-dives onto you. "'Mornin'!" She smiles. "UH, Lily, today's a Saturday...Lemme in bed.."

  5. 5

    It took a while to get ready, you're walking down the corridors to the drama classrooms. your school uniform is is light grey blazer with light blue piping with matching skirt and tie.

  6. 6

    Later that day at lunch, Shade approaches the table you and Lily are sat at. Lily goes to get food. "Hey...Look i don't care what you think of me..just...Don't tell anyone!" He huffs.

  7. 7

    You're in class, acting out a scene for Romeo and Juliet. Jay stands at the front of the class. "Right everyone, time to see an improvision."

  8. 8

    In the common room in the evening. Shade approaches you again. "How can you like me?! You know what we are, why doesn't it bother you?"

  9. 9

    Keita and Chase Text you as you are getting ready for bed. They say: Goodnight!

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