A Writer of Love (A One Direction Love Story)

Okay so this is about a girl who is an intern for the Popstar Magazine.
Name: Jennifer Long
Age: 19
Looks: Long wavy dark brown hair with red highlights, brown eyes, sweet smile, 5'4
Personality: Isn't too afraid to speak but always messes up what she says, she is nice and has a tendency to make enemies rather than friends oddly enough

Chapter 1

As It Happens

"Mom, I have to go!" I called to the computer screen.
"Alright sweetie, good luck and I will talk to you later," she replies as I end our Skype conversation. I looked into the mirror at my black pants and nice floral top. I grabbed my blue jacket that matched my top. I tied a simple belt around my waist and slipped my blue heels on. I slip my over sized black bag over my shoulder as I grab my car keys and sunglasses and head out.
Today was a big day. I was interviewing for a new internship down at the Popstar Magazine headquarters. I was a big journalist in my high school years and wanted that to be my profession
I duck into my blue Ford Fusion. The drive is fairly short as I live just on the outskirts of town.
I take my nervous walk into the enormous building as I take a big calming breathe and go to the lady at the front desk.
"Hello may I help you?" she asks.
"Oh I am just here for an interview for the internship?" I ask.
"Oh just go up these stairs and take the elevator on your right to the 6th floor. When it opens you will go straight down that hall and wait on the couches provided," she explains. I just nod my head hoping I can remember everything she said.
I make my way to the stairs and go up the floor. I look around for the elevator. Oh what floor was it, six yes. I press the button and listen to the elevator music. The doors open and I slowly make my way down the hall. I see the couches and take a seat. A coffee table lies in front of me. I look at their latest issues laid out. The two names that seem to be on every cover, One Direction and Justin Bieber.
I sit back as the butterflies in my stomach float around. I really wanted this job and was hoping I would do everything right.
"Jennifer Long?" I hear my name. A lady at a desk I hadn't noticed smiled at me. I begin to stand.
"Mrs. Holliday is ready for you," (This is all made up) she announces.
I go to the door and slowly push it open.
"Good Morning Sweetheart!" she exclaims seeing me. I can't help but smile at her enthusiasm. "Take a seat and lets get this on the road, shall we?" she instructs. The interview went surprisingly well. "Well I will give you a call..." she carries off looking at her computer screen. "Actually, as it happens, I am willing to hire you today!"
Did I just hear my dream come true? "I am hired today?" I ask shocked.
"Yes darling! I really like you and find there no reason to send you home when I'll just be calling you back in for the tour," she explained.
"The tour?"
"Yes, shall we get started then?" she asks. I can only nod my head as this is still all so surreal for me.
"Alright then," she says as she stands and makes her way to the door. I follow her out. "That is Sharla, she is my secretary," she says introducing the woman behind the desk. We then go into the elevator. "And floor 5 is where all the writing happens!" she says as the doors open.
All I see is desks and computers and people working busily. "Okay," she says as she leads me through the maze of desks. "This is Carly," she says and I see a beautiful girl there. (Looks like Miranda Cosgrove oddly enough!) "She will be instructing you and helping you."
"Hello there!" she calls.
"Hi I am Jennifer," I tell her as I shake her outstretched hand.
"Oh hi, Jen!" she calls already giving me a nickname.
"Oh good already becoming friends!" Mrs. Holliday exclaims. I still wasn't sure about this Carly girl yet.
"Well I will leave the rest of the tour to you Carly as I have to get back to work. It is great having you join our team, Jennifer," Mrs. Holliday announces. I smile as she leaves. i turn to Carly who has a fake smile plastered to her face. This already didn't look good.
"So you are going to be an intern?" Carly asks as we walk through the building.
"Oh yeah, it is my dream to be a writer," I reply.
"Well I guess you've come to right place," she says as we stop at some cubicles. "So this is my work area," She says pointing to a gorgeous neat workspace that looks as if it's been bedazzled. "And that is your place," she adds pointing across the walkway to a place that is full of trash and is covered in dirt and just all around is gross.
"Oh thanks, I can't wait to work here!" I exclaim giving her a fake smile. I turn to face my workplace so she can't see me and my face just drops as I am filled with disgust.
"Well you have to be back here to work tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning, is that going to be okay?" Carly tells me. I nod my head. "Oh and although that outfit is adorable, you might want to go for something more casual." I look at her bright yellow top, dark jeans, and heals. She had accenting jewelry that made me feel self concious about myself.
"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then!" She says in that fake tone.
"Yeah, I'll see you," I reply.
"Oh and just check in with the lady downstairs to get your form of passage in here," she tells me.
"Okay, well I'll see you!" I say as I adjust my bag on my shoulder and walk towards the elevator. I go down to the front desk. "Uhm I got the job, I'm here for my form of passage?" I say to the lady.
"Form of passage, what are you talking about dear?" She asks. Uh oh! Great, taking wonderful advice from my new co-worker who seemed so delightful already, and embarrassing myself greatly. I hadn't even started yet and this was already going downhill.
"Oh umm, I must have gotten the wrong information. I am so sorry about bothering you," I say as I start to leave.
"Oh it's fine, I'll see you tomorrow darling," she calls as she gives me a sweet smile. I head out to my car and hop in. Well tomorrow would come and I would have to see Carly again. I just hope it goes better than today.

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