Dreams of Sapphire

Dreams of Sapphire

The Loner's Song:

Across the snow white gables, and into forest dark.
you shall find your hallow, where lightened spirit hark.
ye loner, ye loner fair not be afraid, for if you do the shadows come to grasp your feelings of deep pain.
the winds may howl and memories call to give you subtle feel.
the sadness and the suffering may soon not be of yield.
ye loner, ye loner, do as love may ask... and live the task of loners to go forth in the land...

Chapter 1

On my way...

My fingers where numb and unfeeling. The blizzard was bone- chillingly cruel and it seemed to pierce my very heart. As I heaved and gasped for breath in the thickness of the fresh snow of the night, the air stung my lungs and choked me dry. It was a dry snow, for the wind was whipping it here and there in fierce flurries and hail balls. Because it was the middle of the night, i could only see my hand in front of me and nothing more but oncoming snowflakes. My frustrations grew as I kept searching for a warm, safe place to stay for the night. I ran away from the archery training grounds at my palace to meet Zarik over the Zirronian border. Although we where in a huge war with his country, he thought his father and older twin brother,Pala-atnar, where wrong and offered to give me his country's military attack strategies and where they would strike next. I knew where to meet him at, the problem was that i didn't have time to get in the proper attire for the journey, my royal advisers were eyeing me like starving hawks in my archery training sessions. Once they turned their heads, i ran for it. All I had on where my thin leather boots with golden, ancient Paletonian runes and stitched in rubies at the top rim, my light blue, silk long-sleeved shirt with golden etchings around each sleeve rim, dark blue tights, and my archery skirt that was 2 inches below the knee and made of tough dark leather, i had managed to grab my dark blue cloak. Well, i guess it it my fault for underestimating the natural fall climate of my beloved country, Paletonia, since it is a tundra- like land up until the end of spring and all of summer. Suddenly, out of the corner of my right eye, a little goblin appeared in the snow with wire frame spectacles and a tuxedo.

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