this is why you don't want to kill your self

Chapter 1


when you kill your self. do you really think everyone is happy?
reality check. they won't be
your mom and dad hate you. you have no friends. you kepp getting bullied. your grades suk. so one day you finally had enough. you go home and get out a knife from the kitchen drawer. you put the knife right above your heart. you close your eyes. you think of how happy everyone will be once your gone. a minute later your on the floor. dead. gone

you think everyone is happy? no.
you mom was so sad she started drinking
you dad tried to get run over
the boy at school who one time called you stupid? he's now in therpay
the girl who called you a hoe? she's now cutting herself
the teacher who gave you a F? she quit her job since she thought she wasnt good enough to teach

your brother a year later started a club. it was a club for people who need to talk out their problem. one day your mom went in. guess what she said? she said your 13 year old sister just killed her self.
she was to cared to get help. she wanted to die. so she did. your brother started to cut. he took drugs. he died of a over dose when he turned 19. wanna know what his last words were? " i just want to hug my sisters once more" then he died. you mom became practily insane after that. your dad left her and was drunk every ngiht from then on. all the kids who bullied you and your sister were either cutting or just gone.

so don't think that if you kill your self everyone will be happy
they won't be.


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