sometimes the most happiest person is hurting the most

Chapter 1


see that girl you just called a loser for crying in the middle of the street?
her sister just killed her self
see that boy you just called gay for hugging another guy?
he found out his mom was in a car crash
see that girl you called emo since she had cut marks on her arm?
she is abused almost everyday
see that boy you called a freak for always staying near his sister?
he wants to make sure she doesnt kill try to kill herself again
see that girl you just called a hoe for haveing a baby?
she was r.aped when she was 12
see that boy you just called a nerd for haveing huge glass's?
he can hardly see since he was beaten in the face so much

sometimes it hard to see the pai behind the mask
sometimes the people who seem the most happy are the ones who hurt the most


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