a poem... please read

Chapter 1


i feel the pain
it comes from within
banging and thrashing on my inside
trying to enter the world
to destroy another
my heart bleeds sadness
my arms have scars of my battles on them
some fresh
some old
some new
some faded
i only want a hug
and a pat on the head
someone to tell me good job
with a smile
of frowning at me
and shakeing their head
while rolling their eyes
and walking away
the pain from within
fights me
it cuts me with it's words
it hits me with it's feel
it wants to throw me in the very dirt
to write me down in every history book
with it's bitter lies
no one to love me
to help me fight the pain
the monster within
it chokes my soul
it beats my spirit
the monster feeds on sadness
and hate
it wants more
it will soon watch me
as i am lowered
to become six foot under
with the dirt in my hair
with the smell of earth above under and beside me
it wants more
it will hurt me
and hurt me
i take
my final


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