Harry Styles Imagain

Hello!!!! :) This is a harry styles imagain. It will be about you and hazza!!!!! lol Im gonna make more 2. hope ya'll like it. no hate FYI. if you want one, just ask.

Chapter 1

Harry styles imagin

I was hanging out with two of my very best friends. They seem to be acting a little strange around me today, I wonder why. I think i know why. Today is my birthday. I am turning 19! So far in the day, I havent gotten a happy birthday from my boyfriend, Harry Styles. I wonder if he has forgoten it was my birthday. I hope he diddnt.
After school, i went home. When i entered my house, my mom was in the kitchen and my little brother was playing with his lego toys. "So mom, did Harry call for me anytime today?" I asked. "Nope, sorry sweetie." My mom answered. "Oh, okay. Where is dad?"
"I think he is in the basment playing with his Cival war toys."
"Okay. Thanks." I went down to the basment and saw my dad playing with his 'toys'. "Dad. Why do you play with those toys?" I asked. "(y/n) how many times do i have to tell you? They are collecters items. Think about it hard. Like what you do with One Direction." My dad said. "Dad, you know I dont need to think about those things anymore. Now that i ave Harry."
"Harry, you mean the guy that is on the other side of the world right now?"
"Yes." I felt a tear on my face. My dad saw i tear and walked up to me and wiped it off. "(y/n) Its okay. You dont have to cry."
"But, I miss him." I said crying. "I know you do. He will come back soon. Maybe even sooner." I said, "Really?" My dad answered, "Yes, really in the mean time go to the store and buy some things." Then he gave me a grocery list. "Okay. I will be right back." I said. "Take your time."
Then I got in my car, and left. On the drive to the grocery store i saw a car like Harry's and i think i saw him in there. Maybe it was a boy Harry fan. Never know. When i got home, it was dark. I opened the door and put the stuff on the kitchen counter. It was pitch black in my house. Like, I couldnt see a thing.
"Hello? Mom? Dad? CJ?" I called, nobody answered. Then the lights went on and my friends, and family yelld, "Happy birthday!!!"
"Omg! A suprise party for me?" I said full of glee. "Thats not all." My mom said. "Come in!" She yelled. I turned to where the hall way, and I saw a new dog? TF?! "Like her? Her name is bobells." My mom said full of glee. "Why, yes. She is cute." Bobella is a Bologenese dog. All white. Now, I have a cat and a dog. The cat is a British longhair. His name is fluffy. (Harry gave her him </3). Oh, how i miss him.
After the party, I went to my backyard and sat on my swing, on an old tree, facing away from my house. When Harry and I were little kids, we pushed eachother on the swing. There were some tears going down my face by thinking of Harry. I miss him so much. I want to feel his warm body againsted mine. And his warm lips pressed against mine. And his cute british accent. I want him with me. I am not those girls who want him just for his 4 nipples. I want him for his big, caring heart.
Then, I felt someone pushing. I turned towards te house and I saw nobody. "Just my imagaine I guess." I said to myself. "No it wasnt." Someone with a accent said. I turned back and i saw Harry!!!
"Harry!" I jumped on him and hugged him. "Happy birthday, babe." Harry wispered to me. "I thought you weren't coming." I said crying. "I would never miss your birthday. Its your speicial day." He wiped my tears and kissed me. He wouldnt stop the kiss. I guess he really missed me.
"I missed you, (y/n). I wish i was a normal person, so I can spend every minute of my life with you." That was so touching. "But, you dont need to be normal to be with me. You have a talent, Harry. And the whole world deserves to hear your golden voice, as along with me."
"I know, but can I ask you something that can be life changing for both of us?"
"Okay." I said. Harry went on one knee, got out a small case from his blazer pocket and asked, "(y/n), will you please marry me?" I couldn't belie it! I said to him, full of glee, "OMG! Harry! Yes!" He put the ring on my finger and I kissed him.My family and friends came out to see what was up. Harry and I told them how we are going to get married. Everyone started to cheer for us. Then it started to get cold. "Ready to go in, Mrs.Styles?" Harry asked me. "Okay." I smiled and went inside with Harry.
A couple months later, we both got married and had 2 beautiful kids. The end


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