The skeleton in my closet

This should be fun ;)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Awakening

by: BizNiz
The sun is everywhere. I feel blind. Wait I am blind. No I'm not. Something follows me. "We know you're there!" A voice yells at me. I keep running though. My legs burn as I drag my small sack on the ground.

I reach the forest and run to my small burrow I had dug just for this. Inside, jewels and gold decorate the inside. My winnings. "Do you have it?" A voice croaks. I nod slowly and toss the bag over to the corner. They slowly open it and chuckle with glee.

"He he he!" They say. I don't reply, I just sit on the ground and stare. "We only need one more thing." They tell me, there's a creak and I know they are storing the items in a chest. "What is that?" I croak. "The mayor of the city." My eyes widen. I have stolen many valuables, but never a person!

"And then what?" I inquire. "You will be free to go, and I will release your family." They say. I nod and listen for footsteps above us. Why haven't I told the police what was going on? Well, last time I tried...they killed my dog.

Do this for your family. That was the mantra that flowed through my head each and everyday for the past 3 months. "What are you going to do with the mayor?" I whisper. "Just make a deal with him." They reply, popping open a bottle. Whiskey, probably.

"Why can't you do it in person?" I ask. They cough, a deep sound. "That is none of your buisness." They sip their drink. "Leave. Now." They suddenly snap. "A please or thank you may be nice." I grumble, climbing out of the hole.

A light flashes in my surroundings and a constant beeping goes off. "Tia!" I look around. "Tia!" They call again. I try to follow the sound. "Tia!" The voice get's louder, along with the beeping.

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