Please Read (Very Important) :)

Please read all of this :)

Chapter 1

Sorry Everyone!

by: Good_Time
Okay, well a few days ago I found out there was a serious virus on my computer and it won't let me access the internet. I am on my mom's desktop right now but it's really hard to keep up with quibblo on this computer because everyone is always using it. I will not be on quibblo for a few days/ weeks, but DON"T WORRY- I WILL BE BACK! I'll let you all know when I will be back on so keep an eye out for a story that's titled "I'm Back! :)" by jnwmango/ Good_Time. So If you can, when you create something don't invite me until I'm back because I won't be taking those quizzes/ reading those stories.

Thank you everyone for your understanding!!! :) See you soon, Quibblo!


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