Hogwarts: The second Genaration

This is An HP fanfiction I also Posted this on fanfic.net.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The train

Eleven Year old Katie Fisher was shaking with nerves she was going to Hogwarts for the first time. Her brother Kevin was thirteen and her sister Amy was sixteen. Needless to say she was nervous. Her brother and sister had told her stories about school. Some of them were not exactly reassuring; her brother had told her all about the ghosts. And she was Nervous about what house she would be in, Her whole Family was Gryffindor what if she wasn't? Her mom gave her a big hug.

''See you in December honey '' She said.

Next she hugged her little brother Tyler, '' Katie I'm going to miss you!'' He said. She hugged the seven year old tightly.

''I'll write you EVERY week!'' She said.

The train sounded and her brother and sister rushed her on to the train. ''We're going to go sit with James Potter and Peter Samuels Said Amy.

''Okay '' said Katie '' have fun''.

'' You going to be okay?'' asked Kevin.

''I'll be fine'' Katie replied.

'' Alright then '' said Amy '' Let's go kev.''

Katie sighed she sat down in the first empty compartment she could find. She opened her book and started reading. ''Scuse me?'' said a voice. Katie looked up.

'' Can we sit here?'' Two kids stood at the door a red headed girl and a boy with jet black hair'' Sure'' Katie replied.

She sat down '' I'm Lilly potter and this is my cosin Hugo weasely this is our first year. ''she said.

'' Potter? wesaly?'' kaite gapped.

Hugo nodded. '' What house do you hope you'll be in? ''

''Gryffindor ,'' said Katie.

''Us to'' said Lilly. Just then two kids slightly older then then came in. ''you two best be getting your robes on now''. Said a Red headed girl and Another boy with jet black hair. Whos your friend?'' he asked.

''Katie fisher'', She repied.

''I'm rose'' ,said the girl,'' third year'' Hugos my brother''.

'' And I'm Albus '' Lillys my sister.

'' We know your brother Kevin.'' Hes my best friend'', said Albus. Kaite smiled and she and Rose and Lilly went off to the girls toilets to change in to their school ropes.

When they returned to the capartmet her and Lilly and Albus got food off the cart when the train came to slow stop she looked out the windown realized they were her at last


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