My Encounter With Satan

Not that many people believe in the devil because they simply think that God is our savior, and that evil does not exist.
But have you ever thought that maybe the Devil could be real?
Lurking in the darkest corners of our world......
They say when he comes up to earth, bad things start to happen....
I for one believe in the devil. I have encountered him many times before in the past, and who knows, maybe someday you will to.........

Chapter 1

Satan Hides In The Shadows

In my dream I'm walking down the street (its night time) and i see a man in the shadows back facing me. At that moment i smile to myself and say "Dinner time!"

then my fangs slash out, i hiss and then i pounce on the man.
once i have him on the ground, i prepare to bite his neck but all of a sudden
the man turns onto his back and hits me so hard that i go flying through the air
only to crash against a brick wall.

I get really angry at him and hiss at him really loud as if saying "I'm going to make you pay for that!!"
so i run at him, grab him from behind and bite him!
but i quickly let go in pain!
biting his skin was like biting raw metal!!

i got backed up a bit, not sure what to do....
but then the man says "Young Vampire, do you honestly think that you can
take "me" on?"

he then steps out of the shadows, but what i see leaves me frozen in terror!
i see that he has horns in his head, goat legs, hands with fingers sharp as knifes, and black wings!
i try not to seem scared so i throw a loud hiss at him, but he then says
"Do not hiss at me Vampire! i can smell your fear!"

i then backed away from him and asked "a..are Satan!?"
he gives me a cruel smile and says "Yes"

i then ask him "W...what do you want??"

he sais "I have traveled here from HELL to give you a message.
When you die, i want you to come to HELL with me.
i can give you anything you desire! far more than that GOD of yours!
you and i will one day rule this earth you now live on!
the world will be drowned in eternal darkness!

he then says: I'll be waiting!"
and disappears!

after that i woke up, sweating hard, my heart racing.
but the strangest thing was that when i touched my forehead,
i was bleeding!

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