A Lycans Diary

A Lycans Diary

I tore through the forest my paws thudding on the crisp, fallen leaves of Autum, paws? yes paws. My name is DarkHeart and I am the Lycan of the night. This is an account of my life so far, so don't scoff for you may find yourself in more trouble than you have ever imagined.

Chapter 1


First what is a Lycan? I hear you whisper behind the rustling pages of this Diary. Well a Lycan is almost a spiritual being and is formed when a Human baby is born at the exact same time a wolf dies not a moment too soon or too late, But the thing that really bugs us is that we are almost always mistaken for a Werewolf THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! The differences are that a Lycan can change when they want and they transform into a bigger vesion of a wolf not a strange half-Human half-Wolf thing.


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