A Poem

A plan that I have for New Year's Eve

Chapter 1

The Plan

They're gonna ask why I chose to go
On this wintry evening covered in snow
I told them I was fine; they wanted to believe
But they didn't know about my New Year's Eve
My friends tried, but it wouldn't work
I was fool, I told them; I was a jerk
And even though I never wanted to decieve
I hid from them my New Year's Eve
It was a decision that took some time to make
But it's decided; my own life I would take
The event that which they'd call a plight
Would happen at the stroke of midnight
Blood will flow from my wrist
People were worried about this
The blood has stopped, but looks can be decieving
Becuase I feel myself slowly leaving
Cut my wrist and hope to die
Stick a needle through my lie
When I draw in my final breath
I can feel the pull of death
They didn't know what I had up my sleeve
On the night of my New Year's Eve


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