what would the harry potter characters think of you (recommended for girls)

by: CantGetOverBookDeaths

this is my first quiz so please don't be fart nuggets

  1. 1

    which is more important to you?

  2. 2

    Pick an animal

  3. 3

    one of you friends is sad, what do you do?

  4. 4

    Which house would you rather be in

  5. 5

    Fred and George pull a prank on you, what do you do

  6. 6

    who would you want to ask you to the Yule ball select

  7. 7

    you see some first years being bullied, what do you do

  8. 8

    someone pulls you into a room and starts snogging you

  9. 9

    What animal would your patronus be

  10. 10

    which would you rather do

  11. 11

    pick a color

  12. 12

    which describes you best

  13. 13

    fav superhero

  14. 14

    weapon of choice

  15. 15

    you like this quiz?

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