Romeo and Juliet- Wizard Style (Rose Weasly and Scorpius Malfoy love story)

Rose Weasly always hated Scorpious Malfoy. And he hated her. But one fateful day in their fourth year changes everything... But what about Ron and Draco? Will the two fathers accept their childrens lover?

I haven't written Harry Potter stuff in a while, and I feel like doing it. So here is is! :D

Chapter 1

A new year

Rose Weasly said her goodbyes to her family, and boarded the train. Albus Potter greeted her in a compartment shared by him, James, Lilly and Hugo.

"This is going to be great," says James who was to enter his sixth year. Rose and Albus were entering their fourth and Hugo and Lilly their second.

"Yeah. Is fourth year hard, James?" Rose asked.

"Nah. You'd probably pass. I dunno about Albus though..." James responded.

"Shut up. I'll pass," Albus says. "Anyways, I'm starving. Breakfast seems ages ago!"

"Welcome to the club, Al." Hugo says, looking up from the book on Chudley Cannons he was reading.

"Oooh, lookey who it is... What's Scorpius Malfoy doing down here? He usually sits in the front of the train..." James mutters, looking out into the aisle of the train.

"Oh you should hear Dad rant on about Scorpius' father. Then when Dad starts retelling the bad stories, Mum tells him to shut up." Hugo says.

"My dad doesn't like the Malfoys too much either." Lilly says. Scorpius tosses a grim look over his shoulder when he sees the group. Lilly sticks her tongue out.

"Stupid, foul, nasty Slytherin." Lilly mumbles.

The conversation changed to the Quidditch World Cup, where once again, Ireland had won. It was Ireland vs. France, and Ireland won with 360 to 210.

"Did you see it when Ireland’s seeker did the Wronski Feint? And gosh, I hated that part when..." James and Albus were discussing their most liked and least liked parts of the match.

Rose had to go to the bathroom, and on the way back when she was going to her compartment, she ran into Scorpius.

"What d'you want, Weasly?" He sneered. Rose rolled her eyes.

"Please, what would I want from you?" Rose says back, rolling her eyes. "Now, if you excuse me, I don't want to spend my time talking to you."

As she walked back to her compartment, she looked back at Scorpius. He was staring at her. And when he noticed her seeing him staring at her, he blushed, which actually brought color into his pale cheeks.

Malfoy was acting strange.

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