How well do you know your Duck Dynasty quotes?

by: molleermcd

Ahh... There's nothing like sittin' back and watchin' Duck Dynasty, but how well do you know the quotes? Find out in this quiz! Match each quote to one of the given Duck Dynasty characters. Good luck!

  1. 1

    "Turn on the radio, there they are, the Flu Fighters!"

  2. 2

    "Women with whiskers... Bummer!"

  3. 3

    "Gimme my sammitch!"

  4. 4

    "Let me put this in Spanish for you... NO!"

  5. 5

    OK, That helps... Just a little."

  6. 6

    "What is this? Star wars?"

  7. 7

    "Hey! That's a Burmandese..."

  8. 8

    "You just ate poop, Si"

  9. 9

    "If you park a camper in front of your donut shop, rednecks will come from rocks, caves, and mountaintops to eat your donuts!"

  10. 10

    "Never underestimate the power of Miss Kay's Sweet potato pies..."

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