Love in the Dark a draco and hermione love story(part 4)

hey guys hope you enjoy the chapter hope you like the title even though it has nothing to do with the chapter ps its mean't to be muddled but i had to make it more harry potter LOL :)

Chapter 1

All muggled up

by: DrAMiONI
I slowly woke from my bed covered over my blanket which was in gryffindor house colours,my bed was warm as i sunk into my thick pillow with the sun glowing in threw my blanket in dead silence as i tried to go back to sleep for just a minute as i closed my eyes .Until a moment later i was shook awake by Ginny who had a giant smile planted on her face which was begging to scare me the next thing i now she grabbed my arm tight and draged me into the shared room as she had a letter in her hands jumping up and down stil with the biggest smile i had ever seen on her face,she then began to calm down and handed me the letter.It was crisp and new and was stained yellow with a badly stuck seal,i opened the letter as it said the following

Dear Hermione &Ginny

I hope you are both having fun at Hogwarts ,Ron and i have found six horcruxes even thought me and ron would have found them earlier if you were here by the way ron said to say to hermione hi also we can not wait till we come back hope this is over soon so we can see you both soon

from harry & ron xoxo

i was so glad to hear from them and to know they were coming home soon i then saw ginny still with a be smile looking at something on her finger i came over and say a large shiny ring on her finger that was about two carats "where did you get that from ginny "i asked curiously "harry sent it for valentines day since he will not be here" i was so amaze at how romantic harry could be with ginny and then i remembered that all ron said in the letter was hi like i was a stranger instead of his girlfriend nit to mention he did not get me anything for valentines day like ginny which was beginning to make me sad as if i got a rotten egg for a boyfriend.


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