Growing Up in Harlem, New York wasn't always a pleasant site,not a good environment to grow up in, innocent civilians murdered, drugs and gang activity
it wasn't right, so i had to find my way out the hood. without a father to guide me, and mentor me. Just my mother(Kimberly Saunders) providing for 4 children, working 8 hours/ 7 days a week with only a hourly wage of 3 dollars wasn't much but, it was the only thing we had to live off of. Thank God for my mother she means the world to me...

Chapter 1

Growing Up as Teen in Harlem

(Reciting Lyrics of Tupac)''I see no changes.Wake up in the morning and i ask my self is life worth living? Should i blast myself? I'm Tired of being poor and even worse i'm black''. ''Nick get ready for dinner and cut off the music" my mother says as she approaches my room. Alright Mother I'll be there shortly....Seconds later I'm dashing downstairs. So Nick my mother says how are you doing in school?I reply slowly.... Well boy?...Speak..My mother says in a furious voice... I...I..I'm doing great saying that( nervously) . Nick i know your lying.... No I'm not... Nick hand me that bible over there... Now lay your hand on it...So are doing bad or good in school? You can't lie to god... To be honest I'm doing pretty bad mom...How Bad? She swiftly said.... I shamelessly say D's and F's.... Did you receive your report card yet?... Yes... And you weren't gonna show me it... "See Nick, why are you lying to me. I'm not teaching you to be rebellious i want you to be successful in life,your the future i won't be here forever your going have to become independent and start providing for yourself ,do you wanna end up like these hoodlums you see around here selling drugs, stealing and killing and being locked up for years or maybe life" she states .... I reply by saying "no ma'am"... "OK then" she exclaimed with her beautiful hazel eyes stare at me as if she was in a trans.....There's a brief silence in the room until my younger siblings come barging in the kitchen with BS....that came to a quick ending when my mother put the belt on they behind. Promptly after dinner my mother say's to me..."get those grades up and remember this god and me are your two best friends we'll never be against, we'll be on your side until the end of time don't you forget that you understand Nick"? She say's in a demanding voice ...."Yes Ma'am" i say in a guilty voice...Alright get ready for bed school's tomorrow
i gotta get ready for work tomorrow as well....(10:00 PM)Time to get to bed....Good Night my mother in a gentle and calm voice... I respond slowly..... Love You Mom....
(7:00AM) Nick Wake up your younger siblings... I scream loudly Harris, Whitney wake up time for school(Harris is 7 and Whitney is 9 and I'm 15 )...."Where's mommy"?.... Harris She's at work now get up and get ready for school hurry up before we miss the bus( bus fair was 50 cents) the bus come's at 7:20..Everyone's ready but you... But N..N..Nick i don't want to go(Sobbing Voice by Harris) i getting fed up Harris get up and get ready or i'mma call mommy. Nooo Harris says... OK then get ready... O..O..K....I have a sudden relief.. i say to myself "thank god" its 7:13 let's go. As Harris, Whitney and i walk the streets of Harlem we see all kinds of things graffiti on walls, gang members and drug dealers... Some of these hoodlums as my mom describe them as approached me and asked me if i wanted to make some money...So i said sure why not... These Hoodlum said: "Sell this bag of weed and join the KOQG(King of Queens Gang) and kid don't let your brother and sister see and come back by when you sold it and make a decision". In my school Landswood Senior High School all the delinquents attended.. so i thought it'll be a piece of cake selling this bag of weed .. i was wrong big time.. i was caught and i was taking down to the police station.. i had one call.. so i called my mother i dialed her number 414-396-8677
she answered..."Hello" she say's... Guilty as can be ''Uhhh mom i'm at the police station i was caught with an ounce of marijuana... Nick What the hell you doing with a ounce of marijuana? She say's with aggression... i reply by saying "I got it from a guy off the street, he said I'll get money off of it"..."Really Nick what i told about that.. we were just talking about that last night at the dinner table where's Harris and Whitney"she says there at Aunt Grace House i said.... "But look on the bright side mom it'll help us out a little with food and bills".... "Nick what are you saying?. Your sounding like a completely different person"she says... Mother i don't see anything wrong with making money off the street... i said.... "It's something extremely wrong with that.. that street life can get you killed and in prison would you want that? would want your life to be a living hell.. without freedom, without seeing your family.. Without you in my arms..Helping me with Steve, Harris and Steve"....She says... "Yes I'll do it for you,Steve,Harris and Whitney...I'll die providing for you, i can deal with being locked up, as long as my family is alright and healthy"...i said to her while sobbing.. Nick the streets isn't a place to be at.. it isn't safe..please listen to me...i-..(Cut Her Off) mom i love you I'll see you later... Me to Honey...

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