Chapter 1

Help me!

by: DJ_Demonn
This is about my life story.

Born and beat,
Walking the street.
Holding your hand,
Thinking you understand.
Seeing the bullet pierce her skull,
My life is dull.
Watching the smirk on his face,
Throwing the knife, leaving no trace.
Snatched by some guys,
Escape, I tried.
My body pulled apart, (literally, it hurt like hell! I was only 8!)
Pain, I deserved from the start.
Left to die,
I know why.
Can somebody take me out of here,
I'm left to die in here!
Can't you see?
It's no cup of tea.
Can you feel the ice of my tears?
Can you see, the fading years?
I can't look in a mirror without crying,
Slowly dying.
They say what dosent kill you makes you stronger,
Can't be like this for much longer.
I saw the bullet shoot through his head,
I remember crying on my bed.
I wake up screaming,
The awful things I've been dreaming.
The glass remains in my back,
Why did I deserve those attacks?
Cross my heart I hope I die.


Created by DJ_Demonn

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20, Male
Dude, again?, STOP STALKING ME, JM


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