The Untitled WWYFF!!! Part 1

by: Monstahz

Part 1 Its Untitled its a WWYFF Coming home from school like usual of course so umm yes CONTINUE!!!! MUHAHAHA jk :P

  1. 1

    You walk inside the house your brother is with his mates watching God knows what on the TV all smoking. Trying not to gag you smile at him. He smiles back and puts out his cigerette and hints to his

  2. 2

    You go upstairs ready to drop off your things. Maybe you'll go out before doing homework its a bit stuffy in here. You see a light flashing out your window it's Andrew. Smiling you watch without

  3. 3

    Your waiting for a reply so you put down your flashlight and drop your stuff forgetting you even had it in your hands. It all lands on the floor with a thud. You see the light flashing another message

  4. 4


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