Stop it!

Chapter 1

All of y'all are hating on Harold! Just stop! It's not just his fault that I might be prego. I think I made the choice to open my legs too? Okay, I'm a minor and he's an adult. So what? It's only illegal if I file against him. But I'm not gonna do that. And having a baby will ruin him. He's just starting his career. A child will mess that up. For the people supporting us, thank you very much. It is greatly apprecitated. For the one's that are against us, fvck you. And me and Harold are NOT together. But if it turns out I am pregnant, he'll be there for me. If not, we'll continue on like nothing ever happened. And just for the record, I find out on Monday. And I will tell y'all as soon as I find out. Alrighty, I guess that's all. Bye.


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