Life is a Play and your role is...

Life is a Play and your role is...

by: Kidlike

We each have a role in the play called life. what's yours?

  1. 1

    the Curtains open and it's the first the scene. what's there on the stage?

  2. 2

    we all need start to our tale, what is you're hero's?

  3. 3

    No good tale is complete without a love story woven in, so which is yours?

  4. 4

    life is tough isn't it? what obstacle has it thrown between you two?

  5. 5

    tragedy strikes and you are torn away from your love, what happened?

  6. 6

    ten years pass and you've returned to your old love, how are they?

  7. 7

    life was cruel and took your love away from you, how did this last tragedy happen?

  8. 8

    the curtain goes down all is dark. the crowd cheers for you as you take your bow. thank you for your performance and off to your results

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