Turning into a hedgehog. Ch #3

This is chapter 3 of my story, Turning into a hedgehog, and soon to be, Being a hedgehog. So look out for that second name!!!
Link for chapter 2 which has the link to chapter 1. :


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Chapter 1

Entering Mobius

As Kristin and I ran to our home, we were kinda getting used to this new look. Once we reached our home, we sneaked into the house, went into Kristin's room, locked the door from the inside, and fell onto the floor sitting. I then rubbed my now furry head and asked, "Now what do we do, Kristin?" Kristin rubbed her smooth, furry, chin and said, "I think that first, we need to change our names." I nodded, "Good idea. Okay. Since I love Shadow, I'll be called, Midnight from now on." Kristin nodded, "Okay, Soph--Midnight, I'll be called, Dawn." I nodded and said, "Alright, now that we have our names cleared...we need to figure out a way to get to Mobius. Any ideas?" Dawn shrugged, "Maybe doing what we did last time to turn into these hedgehogs?" I nodded, "Good idea." I took off my backpack, grabbed the chaos emerald, and we both held it. It started to send out sparks and then it shined brightly. We both closed our eyes, knowing what would come next, and then the emerald did the blinding light thing again. Whenever the light went off we both opened our eyes slowly, knowing we would most likely be in Mobius. Whenever we opened our eyes, we were just in the postered room of Dawn's. I sighed, "It's no use...It'll never work..." Dawn then said, "It's okay, Midnight. Maybe it will work, just in time..." I was about to say something before another burst of light shown all around them, like before, and sparks were flying everywhere. Colors were shooting across the room in different shades. Just then, all went black... Whenever I woke up, I saw Dawn sitting upright. Dawn rubbed her head and asked, "Where are we...?" I sat up and looked around. There were trees, hills, and bushes with berries or flower on them all around, with butterflies or bees buzzing or 'humming' about them. Midnight smiled slowly and said, "We, my sister, are in...Mobius..."


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