When Opportunity Knocks- part one

Chapter 1

Cry, Just Another Way to Destroy Yourself

by: Imma_Bee

They were studying together when a messenger brought the letter. Alphonse read it to himself, his face shifting in response to whatever was written inside. The years spent in armor had robbed Alphonse of the ability to keep his feelings hidden- if that was an ability he had ever had. As he got to the end of the letter, his face suddenly showed shock and delight, with his dark golden eyes grew big.
"Winry!" he cried, "Brother and Winry! There's going to be a baby!" He grinned, and grabbed Mei into a hug, dancing around the room. He looked down at her, breathless. Wait a minute... Al's holding a beautiful princess in Xing, in a royalty palace, in his arms. Yeah, it was no dream. "The baby comes. Can you believe it? Brother and Winry are having a baby!" that it meant that Alphonse was leaving her.
The moment Mei sat down on the Queen size bed covered with black sheets, she let out a big sigh. Alphonse was leaving, what if he never comes back? What if something bad might happen? What if he gets hurt? Negative thoughts roaming threw her head as she started to cry. She did care about Alphonse, she'd like him. He's very nice, handsome, and caring to anyone if they have a bad day. Mei's having a bad day, why don't Al come in and comfort her.
"Mei? Are you in here?"
God just answered her preyer.
"Hey, are you okay?" Al, as usual, had that kind, loving face that worriod Mei thinking he's the one.
"Nothing's wrong, Al-sama, what made you think something's wrong" Mei made that fake smile to hide the guilt.
"I heard in this room that you were crying... what's wrong?" Al sat next to her and did a frown. "These walls are very thin, so don't say you aren't crying."
Mei bit her lip, trying to hold the tears that burned her eyes and killing her throat. That smile of his, her heart wanted to sink of lying to someone so special.
"Nope, no, no crying, I'm not crying." she lied once again.
"I could of swore..." Al's words trailed off, then sighed. "So, I hope I come back soon. And I will."
Those words touched Mei. No, not like on her heart, it like went down her throat, through the guts and veins, and cut her heart. Tears began to roam free out of her eyes, and running down her chin.
"M-Mei?" Al quivered.
She cried, she let it out, the pain in her body. "Please, Alphonse-sama! Don't leave me! What if you get hurt, or-or maybe kil-" she grabbed Al's blue tunic that's freshly woven for him and hugged him, she cried, she let it out, the pain in her eyes.
Al knew how Mei felt for him, but he not manly enough to spill the beans, but he will wait a little longer. "Mei, there'e nothing to worry about. I won't get hurt or k-killed. There's no way..."
"You can, Al-sama!"
Al sat there defeated, Mei in his arms, with his heart protected.
"Well, Mei, if i ever get killed, which I hoped will never happen-"
Mei did a hiccup that made Al smile. "I want to do something to get it done and over with." Al blushed at his words and idea. Hoping it will work with Mei in a crying stage.
Al gently grabbed Mei's face, and blushed even harder. He doesn't know why he's doing this, because... He loved her? Or maybe his first kiss? He had no idea, but sure enough, Alphonse Elric loves Mei Chang.
He leaned forward closer to Mei's face and watched her sad, darken eyes turned into shock.

Mei felt a warm feeling on her lips... Alphonse.


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