Swords by Twilight Part 7

by: Revenant_Bane

Yup, I'm finally updating.....I'll give your brain a few secs to recover from the shock....Nah, I don't have the patience.
Sorry people!
My excuse- But my friends, it has been three days! ....Wolf days.....EVERYONE knows I'm a wolf. A Merewolf. Don't ask.
Merry christmas happy new year blahblahblah
Your song for the quiz: Science & Faith - The Script!

  1. 1

    RECAP: So.....The guys are all missing. You broke Ashe's ankle, and now you're lost, alone, in the territory of the Dark Spirits., with a gun pointed at your head,

  2. 2

    Ashe's Point of View: Luckily for me, my ankle was nearly healed. Leaning on the tree for support, I stood up, stretching my sore limbs. A strange laugh, like a hyena's, echoed through the trees.

  3. 3

    A giant red body appeared in front of me, with huge wings that far outspanned Louie's or Alpha's. It laughed, and moved towards me, ignoring my hissing. It stretched out a hand towards me, picking me

  4. 4

    Something sharp pricked my arm, and my vision started going blurry. The creature dragged me through the forest, carefully avoiding the Dark Spirit's territory I noticed. After a few hours of plant

  5. 5

    Your P.O.V: Slowly, you turned around. And nearly had a heart attack. Staring right at you from behind the gun was what looked like a human, except with a completely white face, bloodstains pouring

  6. 6

    You stared at him, speechless. "Well? Why are you in our territory?" He fingered the trigger restlessly. A few more seconds passed, and then you just had to say it. "You copied J-Dog's mask!"

  7. 7

    It was his turn to be speechless. "You....you've heard of Hollywood Undead?" He asked. "No duh!"

  8. 8

    Hesitation over, the boy's eyes hardened into cold blue shells from behind his -amazing- mask. "J-Dog fan or not, spit out some answers, or I will shoot." Not knowing how to answer, you stood silent.

  9. 9

    "Alright then. Sorry, bitch." The boy spat, raising his gun again. "Zander, it's alright." Another voice stopped him in his tracks. Slowly, Zander lowered the gun, turning his head to the left. You

  10. 10

    "Who are you and how do you know my name?" You growled defensively. Zander put a hand on your shoulder, pressing his nails into your skin slightly. "Show some respect for Prince Angel." He hissed.

  11. 11

    "Chill, Zander." Angel rolled his shoulders calmly, and walked up to face you. "I'm Angel, prince of the Dark Spirits." He inclined his head slightly. "About thirty minutes ago, I was alerted by my

  12. 12

    Your face goes pale. "Then...he's gone too...no one's left..." You whisper, bowing your head. 'How will I ever be able to find them on my own?' You think, shaking your head. "Gone? Who else is missing

  13. 13

    Kissing your hand, Angel growls, "I will help you find them." He throws back his head and lets out a roar. Surprise flickers across Zander's face and then it becomes impassive again. Almost instantly

  14. 14

    a few hours later "My prince!" One of the dark spirits calls, appearing out of the dark. Angel's head turns towards the woman. His eyes are still black. "The abandoned lab, at the easteren edge....

  15. 15

    (Yep, no choice in the matter, you're performing #3 XD) You got up quietly, seething, and snuck up behind Zander. You gave him a shove and he flew face first into a rose bush. Angel chuckled softly,

  16. 16

    Angel shrugged. "eh, strategy wise I'm not the best, so let's just storm 'em." "Fair enough." Zander pulled out his gun and started towards the lab with Angel walking calmly beside him. You could only

  17. 17

    Soon, the fighting was everywhere. You had gotten down to the last room of the gigantic laboratory, where the scientists responsible for the mess had locekd themselves in. Angel kicked down the door,

  18. 18

    You backed up quickly, stifferning as you hit the cold stone wall. The scientist grinned wickedly, raising the needle, and you felt yourself lose control of your body. Energy poured off you into the

  19. 19

    It all happened at once. Stick man disappeared, the writhing scientist fell to the floor, and Zander appeared at your side, Angel hovering over his shoulder. They exchanged glances and nodded. "MDMA."

  20. 20

    "What?" Your face scrunched up in confusion as you rubbed your head, trying to erase the tingles your powers left you with from your bloodstream. "This needle is laced with MDMA.

  21. 21

    "Found them!" Someone cried, hovering over six familiar bodies. Forgetting the scientist, you pushed your way through the crowd to their sides.All of them were out like lights. "They must have the

  22. 22

    "Granola bar?" Angel offered. Ashe shook his head, shoved his head out a broken window, and spilled the contents of his stomach. "The mere thought of food sickens me," He grumbled, holding his head in

  23. 23

    The little old lady gives you a cunning grin. "Only the oracle can find the Tele." And with that, she vanishes into thin air.

  24. 24

    *-a long time away in a galaxy far far ago, there was a bunny. But that is a story for another time. Meanwhile, in the search for the holy hand grenade,

  25. 25

    The man occupying the said throne himself was a sight. He had short blonde hair (styled like ...I don't know, Never Shout Never? I'll give you a picture on the don't click result okay? A crown was) )

  26. 26

    "Well?" Tora asked restlessly, a slight smile perching upon his lips as he looked down at the scientist. "I-I'm sorry...the experiment was a failure..." The grin stretched ever wider as the scientist'

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