Please for me:)

Very Quick, Just Read:) XXX Happy New Year

Chapter 1

Very Quick, Just Read

Ok so first Happy New Year to everyone! XXX
I would like to ask a favor and tell people whats going on:) Alot of people asked why my messages are taking so long, so i'll answer that!

1. Check out of new photos:) Page 2~6,7,8
Only posted 3 new ones since people wanted new pictures of me:) Haha I don't really know why but what the heck!
2. My partners in stories, please just be patient. I know that I said I would write them a while ago but I don't come on as much anymore:) Sorry, but I won't let you down.
3. As I said, I don't come on anymore but that doesn't mean I will delete all my friends. I noticed some people doing that? Its like: You added and accepted their request? So this isn't a story where you ask to remain my friend because I'm not deleting and i'm not deleteing anyone else:)
4. Okay so now we got that out of the way~Quick Reasons why I havn't been on as much is Instagram! I love it and if anyone has an account, feel free to message me. For a week I have it off private
5. Last one, I have over 5000 stories and quizzes in my inbox.. I'm sorry but thats too much so even though I'm sure they are fantastical, I can't read them all. I only come on to write stories and message my friends. Thanks buddies for being there for me:)

Quick Shoutouts:
HotCheese, I love talking to you:) Lol I was looking through our messages which is alot and we never said our names! Haha isn't that the best
_Nick, Fun to talk to!
JustAnotherSally, I love you and your bootie so much! Your my girl and I just heart you! Don't look outside because i'm in your backyard in my tent;) Haha don't look though! The tent is invisible!
AimeeBieber9, My PLL Sista, you keep watching em' Haha its a blast talking to you:)
Tegan, I don't remember your username but Granny we need to catch up!
LexieLove~I love talking hair with you:) You are gorgeous honey and I'm not lying!
Cuty101, Hey stranger;) You know anytime I'm mentioning people~I will always meantion you! Why? I'll answer that for you! BECAUSE I LOVE YOU MORE!

Okay Happy New Years and I hope this cleared some stuff up:) Peace, going to sleep!


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