My family is all gone except for Harold.

Chapter 1

They are gone. I guess the pain was unbearable.... Momma was only 36....Daddy was only 38.... Hailee was only 7.... And Hazel was only 6 months. They're gone. Forever.Harold is alive, but he isn't mentally okay. We are suffering. Tonight, we will be going home with four less people. Tomorrow, we will wake up and have to walk past 3 empty bedrooms. In this next week, we will have to plan 4 funerals.... It's all too much. I don't wanna go home tonight... I don't wanna be without my family. Harold only has one sister left... And I have none. My grandmother and grandfather on both sides only has one grandaughter now instead of 3. Hazel couldn't even talk or walk yet. Hailee didn't get past the first grade. Momma and daddy didn't get to see their 40th birthday. They left so young. Next year Harold will be going off to college, and I will probably have to go live with my grandparents or go with Harold. I think Harold is taking custodiy of me. I hope anyway. I don't know how to get past this. Me and Harold are on our way home right now... Bawling the whole way there. Chase is here too. He has his arm around me right now and trying to comfort me. But it just isn't helping. Somebody help me. Just please. Help me.


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