It's killing me to see Harlee like this.

Chapter 1

In all of my 18 years of living, have EVER seen Harlee like this. She's pale. She's throwing up. She's bawling her eyes out. She won't let us touch her. She's just laying on the coach. She looks awful. We got her to calm down a few minutes ago so she could go on Quibblo, but she just said it was too much. Now Chase is rocking her in a chair. She's starting to calm down again, but we aren't letting her back on Quibblo. Maybe if she calms down enough she will go to sleep. I think Chase is staying over night. Because I can't handle her on my own. If anyone has any ideas how to calm Harlee down, please message me or comment. Or you can message Chase if you feel more comfortable. Thanks for being there for us through all of these hard times.



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