ok this is kinda creepy....

Chapter 1

really creepy....

so im that kind of person that animals love
but this is creepy
cats love me
a bit too much
yesterday a cat sniffed me once and it then jumped up and tried to get out of the cage to rub on me. then the other cat smelled me and it tried to grab onto me.
my moms boss has a cat and when ever i go there it follows me (my moms boss said that cat doesnt like anyone realy but me) and rubs on me which is kinda weird...
my grams friend has two cats
the orange one jumps on me and tries to rub up on my alot and it tries to grab me. if i try to get away it chases me
the black one loves me to pet him.
back to my moms boss cat. they also have a dog. the dog and cat fight over me. they both try to get to me and then when they see they both want to pet them they start fighting.


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