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Chapter 1

This is the only chapter of this story that there will ever be.

Height: Between: about 5'
Shoe size: 9 1/2
Sxual orientation: Undecided. Bi probably

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? No
Do you take drugs? Prescribed, yes.

Age you get mistaken for: 16ish
Real age: 14
Have tattoos? No, but I'm going to get a few when I'm older.

Got any piercings? Yup, my ears.
Want any piercings? Yeah, I want one of those tiny nose rings.

Relationship status: Single.

Favorite movie: Uh the hunger games I guess
A fact about your personality: I wouldn't know. I don't know myself well enough.
What I hate about myself: I never talk to anyone.
What I love about myself: Hmm...nothing I guess. Wait do looks count? Because everyone says a I have a beautiful face....
What I want to be when I'm older: A cop or a writer or something.

My relationship with my parents: We fight...all the time....
What I hate the most about school: I'm so lonely.
What my last text message says: Hi.
What words upset me the most: "You are self-centered" or something along those lines
What words make me feel the best about myself: I don't know. I just like getting attention.
A wish that I've wished for repeatedly: I wish for snow lol

Where I would like to live: England or hawaii or japan
My childhood career choice: Vet
My favourite ice cream: COOKIE DOUGH!!!!!
Who I wish I could be: Someone confident.
Where I want to be right now: Anywhere but here.
The last thing I ate: A peice of hamburger.

Favourite band: Evenescence
Three favourite male artists: Dunno
Three favourite female artists: The only specific artist I listen too is Katy Perry

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Lions!
Favourite hair colour: Dark red
Favourite gender: female I guess....

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