Divination O.W.L. Exam

Divination O.W.L. Exam

by: thedailyprophetowls

This O.W.L. Exam was made for my website, The Daily Prophet, and is the sixth of eight. Hopefully, they will be a good challenge, but not too hard. Have fun! Also, like Harry Potter? Please check out my website: www.supermanatee10.webs.com Here, you can take more O.W.L.s, read character biographies, vote in the poll, read H.P. news, and more!

  1. 1

    How many years did Professor Trelawney teach at Hogwarts before Dolores Umbridge fires her?

  2. 2

    Who examines Harry during his Divination O.W.L. Exam?

  3. 3

    What does Harry tell his examiner while reading their palm?

  4. 4

    In turn, how does Ron completely botch his Divination O.W.L. Exam?

  5. 5

    Professor Trelawney applies for her job and gets interviewed where?

  6. 6

    Inigo Imago, a celebrated Divination expert, is the author of which of the following books?

  7. 7

    What two plants did the Divination class burn in their fifth year, during their first class with Firenze?

  8. 8

    Who, in painting form, helps Ron, Harry, and Hermione to find the North Tower for their first Divination lesson?

  9. 9

    In the trio's first term, what do they start with (what form of Divination)?

  10. 10

    What was Ron's first "future telling" (by Harry)?

  11. 11

    Ron sees what in Harry's teacup, during their first Divination class?

  12. 12

    When Harry and Ron can't think of interpretations for their predictions, they do what?

  13. 13

    Professor McGonagall describes Divination as what?

  14. 14

    After Harry and Ron's first Divination class of the term, in their fifth year, what homework does Professor Trelawney set?

  15. 15

    Twenty-four hours after seeing "the Grim", the Weasleys' Uncle Bilius does what?

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