What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 8

What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 8

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

ok so we are now continuing from part 7 when Loki asks you to be his queen (ya know just because he can), so i hope you enjoy and please comment and rate. Gracias :D p.s sorry it took a while :/

  1. 1

    'Loki...i..but.... just no' you say when you finally manage to form words. 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NO?' loki screamed slamming his fist on the table.

  2. 2

    'I'm giving you the chance of a lifetime, to come back with me, to be my queen' loki looked down at the floor and sighed 'i don't understand, don't you feel for me?'

  3. 3

    You stand up and walk over to Loki, 'i do feel for you but...i really don't think this is a good idea'. He stood up, he's much taller than you, he put his hand under your chin and tilted it up. 'Like

  4. 4

    You opened the door Loki had just walked out of to be knocked in the face by a blueish mist, you began to feel really sleepy and slumped to the ground. When you woke up you were in a grandly decorated

  5. 5

    You woke up after a nap to see Loki leaning over you, 'What the hell is going on Loki?' 'i'm keeping you until you agree to be my bride. and if you refuse i will alter your mind' even though this was

  6. 6

    'Loki i..' you started but he pressed a long finger to your lips and smiled. 'be silent, you have your whole life to talk to me' he pressed his lips to your forehead and you drifted back into sleep.

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