Chapter 1

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If revenge is sweet and is cold
It must be Ice-cream

Real friends don't get offended when you insult them.
They smile and call you something more offensive!

I count the stars every night,
I can never sleep.
My dreams have no right to remind me of my past.
knife in hand,
i wish i could blade my wrists,
let my blood flow on this savage land.
What is the use to live, where is the end, to a twist.
Time is my enemy, pain clouds my mind, then grief rains.
As for sorrow, eating me alive, turning me outside in, staked by hollow

You call me crazy, you don't even know,
what's in my head, all I never let show,
I cry when I'm alone and hide what nobody knows,
I smile when you're around so you can never put me down,
I'm scared to speak scared you'll think I'm weak,
I act hard so you can't see my scars,
I walk with my head to the ground so you don't see me frown,
I try to make you happy and act like nothing's wrong,
when all I want to do is scream at you,
tell you how I feel and let you see my pain and let it all drain,
you call me crazy but how would you know if I NEVER let it show

Good girls don't lie,
Bad girls don't cry,
Dumb girls need "air",
Naughty girls need underwear,
Sweet girls aren't mean,
Funny girls make a scene,
Perfect girls have all the class,
Mean girls will kick your ahs,
Smart girls will excel,
Gossip girls will tell,
Popular girls get all the boys,
Little girls play with toys,
Normal girls are nothing new,
So which one applies to you??

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