How Well Do You Know My Chemical Romance Songs?

by: Cemetery_Drive

There'll be a quote and a list of songs. Choose the correct song.

  1. 1

    "I am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer! I refuse to answer!"

  2. 2

    "They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books, to make a citizen out of you!"

  3. 3

    "Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second story?"

  4. 4

    "GRAVITY! Don't mean to much to me! I'm who I've got to be!"

  5. 5

    "The future is bulletproof! The aftermath is secondary!"

  6. 6

    "I'd end my days with you... In a hail of bullets..."

  7. 7

    "Well, it rains when you're out on your own... If I crash on the couch and sleep in my clothes..."

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