Finlands ∞ Mad ∞ House

Finlands ∞ Mad ∞ House

How do you trust in a mad house?
One night, Finland finds himself trapped inside an old mansion, full of people he can't remember!
With the Nights forever, people search for the missing Finland, but without the last page to the story... They'll be stuck forever!

Chapter 1

Piece of the Story

Finland cautiously opened his strange letter & peered at the odd message inside. To be true, it wasn't a letter, but a story page.

"How odd" Finland sighed, disappointed.
"What is it?" Sweden asked, showing no amusement.
"Just a story...or rather a page!"

Sweden placed before him a cup of warm coffee, before disappearing into his study to read. Hanamatago, a little white dog, yipped up at Finland, excited for him to pick her up. Finland smiled & placed her on his lap. While Hanamatago rested on his lap, Finland decided to read the paper & find out what it was about.
As if in reply to his confusion of the story piece, a small piece of paper caught his eye, slightly protruding from the envelope. He'd missed it! With a flick, Finland had pulle dit from it's spot, but was astonished as the blank letter suddenlt began to show it's words:


To whom ever is reading this,

In your hand is a piece of a story.
You must return it to a mansion inside a certain story book.
If you do not, may anyone who goes near there, be lost.

Please help!

The mansion is not far from your village.
Go to the woods with the story and it shall appear when you are lost or alone.

We look forward to meeting you, Finland.


Finland gaped at the letter, at the words that had suddenly appeared, even his own name.

"This is a trick!"

He scrunched up the note & threw it away, his breath caught in his throat. Hanamatago licked his clenched hand & he felt himself regain control. This is just a trick he smiled. Just a-- He looked at the story, right at a certain small sentence:

Not a trick!

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Finland gathered his warm cloak around him, clutching the story page to his beating chest. Outside wasn't cold, nor was it warm, but a chill kept sliding down his slender spine like a spider on a silken thread.
Finland had lied to get outside, to Sweden of all people, & was feeling terrible as he walked past the small post office. Several posters were pinned to its board, all 7 people hadn't been found.

"I wonder..." Finland thought, a loud. "Perhaps they're at this mansion that my letter mentions!"

The thought made Finland's heart swell & he smiled in small pride. It was a rescue mission of sorts, after all, his friends had vanished without notice months ago, as he was about too. But I won't be lost!
With some new energy, he rushed off to the woods, then began taking it slowly, for the woods were scary dark & full of wolves. Finland became more alert & held the paper tighter, as if it were a lifeline.
When a wolf finally decided to cross his path, Finland had to hold his breath in an effort to stop his panic from rising. It wasn't very easy with so many wolves, but a bear tipped the scales. Finland shrieked & ran off in a direction he didn't know.

"Now where do I go?!" he cried, slapping his cheek in frustration. "I wasn't supposed to do that! I shouldn't be here!"
"Well, that must've hurt!"

Finland froze on the spot. Where had that voice come from? Turning stiffly, he faced a beautiful, old mansion that seemed to have appeared out of thin air. At a window on the 2nd storey waved a man.

"You can come in, stranger!" he called, before disappearing.
"Ah! W-wait!"

Finland ran to the front door & meekly walke din when it was opened. He stood present before 2 men dressed in very old suits. One was a neat style blonde with glasses, the other was a tall brunette with a ruffled look. The guy from the window...

"Would you like some tea?" the blonde asked, quietly.
"Maybe something to eat?" the brunette smiled.
"I...uh...t-that sounds fine!"

Finland was quite stunned at what he'd found & would've forgotten what he was there for, except the page reminded him. What is this place he thought with panic & suspicion. I was begining to forget!

"E-excuse me, but, sirs, what is this place?" he asked, innocently.
"Oh, we are not 'sirs', we're butlers!" the atller man replied.
"Y-yes, but w-what do y-you wish, sir?" the other asked, smiling kindly.
"Where am I?"
"A manision, our mansion, our home!"

Finland shook his head, unable to argue further with them. They led him to a guest room & left him there with some scones & tea. Finalnd sat down on the comfy bed, then laid down & stared up at the moon through the skylight. The 2 butlers seemed familiar, but he couldn't think who!

"Maybe if I sleep, I'll get an idea!" he smiled, falling into a deep sleep...

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