For Ever Not For Never (wwyff a Elf,Neko,Fox,Angel,Fallen Angel,Fairy) part 2

by: The_Girl_Of_Many_Names

hi so this is the next part i hope you like it

  1. 1

    you wake up in a room you've never seen in you life it looked like

  2. 2

    then the door opened and 5 boys came in one with blond and honey eyes he was the shortest but still taller then me. one with light blond hair and green eyes he looked like a leader. one with blue hair

  3. 3

    "well Lunch is almost done so will leave so you can get dressed there are some clothes in the dresser" Micheal said "that you can use" Azul added Tanner rolled his eyes and pushed Azul out and

  4. 4

    so you put whatever you picked on and left the room thinking finding the kitchen was going to be easy it takes you 20 min to find the stairs and it took you 5 min to get down the stairs but after that

  5. 5

    when all the boy came to the kitchen they all sat down "ok Dasha we have some thing to tell you we're not human" james said "ok whatever when can i go home" you ask "you can't you have to stay here it

  6. 6

    "is that the time a have to start on dinner" Michael said standing and going over to the stuff to start "what are you-" James started but before he finished a alarm sounded "i thought you said it was

  7. 7

    did you like it i liked please comment and rate and fave please i'll love you for ever

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