The Chosen

In a world much like our own, lurks seven teens with a dark secret. They have elemental powers. Unfortunately, it's not as much of a secret as they'd like, seeing they have been sent to Eleanor Scrutiny Academy, a safekeeping spot for people with the powers of the elements.

Chapter 1

The Characters In writing order:

Myself: Jesuses_Special_Ballerina's character:

Name: Roselyn Marianne Avila
Element: Air
Reason: Haven't decided yet
Personality: Brave, funny, reasonable, sarcastic, nice, friendly
Looks: African American, Long hair to butt, tall, athletic, big brown eyes, glasses
Friends: All characters chosen
Enemies: Mean people, and at least one teacher.

Marshmalloez Character:

Name: Logan Hart
Element: Earth
Reason ( optional ): after her first home burned down she has always had this ability. no one knows why. (might add more to this)
Personality: Rude at times, can come off as mean, can be brash and rash, and keeps to herself, anti-bullying
Looks: pale skin, green eyes, short (shoulder length) brown hair
Friends: we'll see!
Enemies: prissy, popular girls, show offs.

anonymus_was_a_woman's character:

Name: Keira Henderson
Element: Wind
Reason ( optional ): She was attending a boat show and the team that she was cheering for, was losing. So, she decided to cheat for them. But of course things go wrong. Her efforts ended up killing people.
Personality: Speaks only when spoken to. Blunt (says it like it is), serious, intelligent, helpful, self-sacrificing.
Looks: dark green eyes, dark brown hair that is shoulder length, short, thin, freckles
Friends: not really anyone.
Enemies: None yet
Crushes/bf-gf: none yet

I_AM_HUNTAH's character

Name: Vixen Pitrone
Nickname ( optional ): Some people call him Vex
Element: light (ilussions and a lot of stuff like that)
Reason ( optional ): What does this mean?
Personality: very talkative, cheerful, optimistic, funny
Looks: blonde scraggly hair, brown eyes, big ears, really short
Friends:whoever wants to be
Enemies: Someone who gets annoyed easly, though he doesn't sse him/her as an enemy
Crushes/bf-gf: whoever

True_Ravenclaw_Faith's character:
This character is no longer in the story

1D_Abs_Loving_Girl's Character:

Please pick me!!!
Name: Niam Rain Rogerson
Nickname: Ni, Cherry
Element: fire
Personality: Crazy! Obsessed with cherries, can be violent, short tempered, always hyper, always active (loves running)
Looks: brown wavy hair down to mid back but hates it, short medium, big almost black brown eyes, long eye lashes, kind of too muscly
Friends: anyone who isn't boring
Enemies: anyone who insults her hair or her craziness


Name: Maranda Line
Nickname: Mara
Element: Water
Personality: She was born in the North Pole, so she is very cold, but down-to-earth she can be very sweet and caring, confident, brave, not afraid to take a stand
Looks: Chestnut brown hair with icy blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, tall, average build, skinny
Friends: The Good Characters (Also authors)
Enemies: People who hate her, evil villains
Crush: A kind, sweet boy named Ben Grey

So, that's the cast of The Chosen in writing order!

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