The steps to your HARRY POTTER life

by: Silvery

Your step by step Hogwarts life

What the students think of you
Full description
And more!

I hope you like this

Sorry boys but Girls only

  1. 1

    Step one- find your house an why

  2. 2

    Step two- who are your friends

  3. 3

    Step three-who is that special someone

  4. 4

    Step Four-find your patronus

  5. 5

    Step five- choose your class

  6. 6

    Step six- choose your colors

  7. 7

    Step seven-which character describes you most

  8. 8

    Step 8-ROLE PLAY! You're walking down the hall when the prefects scream "everyone to your common rooms now. Or else" you...

  9. 9

    Step nine- pick your year

  10. 10

    Step ten- pick your dream job

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