Guy stuff, Help

by: cookiemonsterswife

Hi (: I'm just an awkward little troll in need of some advice, wanna help ?
too freaking bad, you're helping anyways (;
lmao, let me stop being weird & thanks for helping me out ♥

I've finally found a guy that I know I'm supposed to be with. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's all complicated. Life keeps pulling us together unexpectedly. Of course, with that, there's only about1OO challenges... A flirty girl, his flirtatious friends,& how awkward i tend to act w/ him

  1. 1

    His friends are always acting flirtatious around me, I...

  2. 2

    There's a pretty girl who is trying to get with him. He always reassures me he has NO feelings for her, but I can't help but be jealous.

  3. 3

    Many of his friends had feelings for me until they found out he did too, then they backed off. Some didn't, but the guy I like makes it almost impossible for them to have me...

  4. 4

    He keeps planning to ask me out, but chickens out last minute. We've been at this for 2 or 3 months

  5. 5

    I can talk to ANY guy, except the one I have feelings for...

  6. 6

    He likes to bump into me or touch my hands by "mistake" & he likes for me to do the same...

  7. 7

    Just curious, are you a guy or a girl ?

  8. 8

    I love you ...

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