Who will Fall for you. Vampire, Demon, Neko, Werewolf, Angel PART 2

by: xXxMusicAddictxXx
  1. 1

    we left off with the door knob turning, right?

  2. 2

    okay a boy walks in after the door opens, a boy walks in, " Shes awake!" he says, " Yeah," said Cameron, " Hows your arm?" he says, sa

  3. 3

    " Huh?" you ask, then notice your arm is wrapped, " What happened?" " When you fell through the portal you cut your arm pretty badly," he answered, " I didnt even realize," you laugh.

  4. 4

    " Thats Anthony, hes the doggy of the group." said Cameron, Anthony growled, " doggy?" you ask, confused. " Hes a werewolf," kitty boy answered. " Oh," you say, you hear someone yell. " KITTY BOY!

  5. 5

    you sit up, " Whats going on?" you ask, " lets see, its probably Eric and Byron again." said Anthony, you three leave the room and are greeted by two boys fighting with swords, and a girl holding one

  6. 6

    What happened this time?" asks kitty boy, " THAT DOESNT MATTER JUST HELP! OW! ERIC GIVE ME THE DAMN SWORD!"

  7. 7

    you walk up to the boy the other boy is holding back, you take the sword and hand it to the sword, " here," you say, " Wow, thats a first! thanks Jade, Im Cece" says the girl

  8. 8

    " How do you know my name?" you ask, " oh, im a mind reader," i said " oh," " so i see you met kitty boy and doggy. I HEARD THAT ANTHONY! well, this is Byron, he is a angel, thats eric, a demon, and

  9. 9

    we r stopping for now, comment if you want part three, friend me if we arent already friends! bye!

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