Are you a friend or a fiend?

by: Hozz

Are you a friend or a fiend?
Do you want to know whether you're a good friend?
Find out by taking this quiz!

  1. 1

    Your friend wants to buy a hideous top and wants your opinion. You say...

  2. 2

    They turn up at a party in the same outfit as you (and they knew that you were coming in that outfit) you...

  3. 3

    Your friend starts dating a boy/girl that you've liked for ages. You...

  4. 4

    You would desribe you as...

  5. 5

    Your friend starts to go on your phone and text loads of people weird stuff. You want them to stop so you...

  6. 6

    You would describe your friendship as....

  7. 7

    You wear your favourite top to go to their house and they say its disgusting. You...

  8. 8

    You want to go to town but your friend can't be bothered. You...

  9. 9

    You would describe your friend as...

  10. 10

    Your mum says you can have 1 person for a sleepover.You choose...

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