WWYFF? Mutated Love

by: Hurting_Inside

Hey! Thanks For Clicking. Anyway, You Were Kidnapped When You Were Five And Mutated By 12 Supernatural Creatures Who Left You In The Forest To Change. They Each Put Some of Their Powers Into You, Creating A 'Super Species'. You Stayed In The Forest Until Aged 14, And Now You Are Going To The Nearby Village...

  1. 1

    This Was It. Last Night You Decided You'd Try And Investigate That Village To The East Of The Old Oak. You Stand Groggily, And Stumble Into A Tree. You Wore Nothing But A Torn T-Shirt And Some Shorts,

  2. 2

    You Shake Your Matchstick Thin Limbs. Although You Are Dangerously Thin, You Can Leap Swiftly From Tree To Tree, Speed Through The Forest As Though Strolling A Single Step.

  3. 3

    You Make Your Way To The Village, And It Is Far Too Early For Anybody To Be Out And About. You Walk Slowly Through The Streets, In Awe Of The Strange Constructions You Saw. 'I Think They're Called

  4. 4

    Suddenly, You Hear A Twig Snap Behind You. You Turn Instantly, Your Midnight Hair Falling Like A Waterfall As You Do. You See....... BYE BYE! Comment Who You Got, And Msg Me Ideas For The Series!

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