Black Veil Brides Quotes Quiz

by: xXblackveilbridesfanXx

try to guess the missing word(s) in the quotes and stuff! All these quotes were said by Black Veil Brides and i definitely heard them in interviews! (one or two words may be out, but i made it as accurate as i could!)

please enjoy! ^_^

  1. 1

    hey, have you seen how ____ my mom is?

  2. 2

    hey. i got a ______ and then walk away.

  3. 3

    i almost got kidnapped by a man in a ______!!!

  4. 4

    grape __

  5. 5

    stand up for what you believe in, even if that means standing _______

  6. 6

    i have _________ legs

  7. 7

    you know what ______ is? a setting on a washing machine. no one wants to be that!

  8. 8

    words can mean nothing or be _________ in someone's heart... choose them wisely

  9. 9

    real people do what they want. not what they _________

  10. 10

    you know what? im an artist. im an artist and i make art. __ art art.

  11. 11

    you're not ____

  12. 12

    I'll never let you steal my _______

  13. 13

    awake at night you focus on everyone who's hurt you, then write a list of targets your violent lack of _________

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