What do the creepypasta think of you?

What do the creepypasta think of you?

by: Lommevann

Hope you like your result! Comment!

  1. 1

    Me: Jeffy! Come ask a question! Jeff: Fine. Do you like killing?

  2. 2

    Me: Slendy! Ask something! Slenderman: Don't call me that. Me: -_- Ask Slendy! Slenderman: sighs Do you like nature?

  3. 3

    Me: Eyeless! Get down here and ask a question! No kidneys! Eyeless Jack: Do you like kidneys? Me: facepalm

  4. 4

    BEN nicely comes himself like no one else did Me: glares at Jeffy, Slendy and Eyeless So BEN what's your question? :) BEN: Do you like gaming?

  5. 5

    Me: Masky ask the question! Masky: ...ummm...w-what colours do you like? Me: Good question. hugs masky You are sooo cute! ♥ Awwww!

  6. 6

    Hoody: D-do you like cheesecake? (Masky let him ask this one) Me: You're adorable! squeezes

  7. 7


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