Kitty~ I'll Protect You (STORY)

Kitty~ I'll Protect You (STORY)

Yes, this is an actual story ♥ (bxb) so no hate ^_^ just warning you~ lol.

Alright, Intro:

Xavier loves Shane. Or, at least, he thought he did. He knows Shane hits him sometimes, but... he still loves him, right? So he can't just leave Shane. Can he? Maybe he can, but it won't be easy. And his new found lover and Shane's anger won't make it anything but heartbreak.

~☼♥continued for cebby :D I luff u :3 ☼♥~

Chapter 1





"Meww Mewww"

I couldn't help but grin as small kittens played inside a pen behind the glass of the pet shop. "Xave, are you seriously smiling at kittens?" Shane laughed, patting me on the back. I frowned, wiping the adoring look off my face.

"Of course not!" I scoffed, crossing my arms.

"Relax, you're lucky it's damn cute" he winked, brushing a hand against my skin before jogging forward. I waited a minute for my awkward blush to settle, before jogging after him.

That was Shane, my best friend, the huge flirt. I smiled and rolled my eyes, glancing one last time at the kittens as a girl came by and placed the "Closed" sign in front of me. I'd come back tomorrow, maybe my little brother Zack wants a kitten. That sounded like a good excuse to cover my love and obsession of adorable small animals. Even squirrels had a sort of cuteness to them.

"Wait up!" I called, catching up with Shane. He slowed to a pace, walking by my side until we got to the beach, our 'would-have-been' first destination if I hadn't stopped to look at every pet shop. We had about four in town.

"Xavier! Shane! Wazzup!" Our good buddy Floyd came towards us, grinning too wide to be humanly possibly. He pushed beer bottles in our hands and said "enjoy yourselves" motioning towards a group of people dancing around a bonfire.

"Come on, let's dance!" Shane also grinned, pulling me towards the flames. I know Shane was bisexual (actually everyone knows) but I still felt awkward dancing by his side, though I've been openly gay for a few months now.

"Xavier, stop being so tense!" Shane demanded, looking annoyed. "Sorry, I gotta go to the bathroom" I lied, walking towards the bathrooms, then stopping to look at Shane. Another guy had already taken my place, dancing with Shane, as well as a few girls too.

I sighed, I didn't mind it. He was really popular. Anyone would kill to be his boyfriend or girlfriend. And party's weren't really my scene. I sat in an empty path of grass, looking at drunk teenagers, dancing teenagers, and random people I could barely recognize. I leaned against a tree, sipping bits of my beer, looking up at smokey stars.

"So, that's where you disappeared to..." I heard Shane's voice next to me, an hour later.

"Oh, hey man" I smiled, pretending I didn't ditch him. He grinned, a beer in his hand, looking like he'd had to many.
"Awesome beach party" he chimed, falling next to me. He frowned, glancing at the stars. "Look... a rocket!" he gasped, pointing at nothing, then laughed hysterically.

I sighed, knowing what I'd have to do again.

"Alright come on, you can crash at my place" I muttered, pulling him to his feet. He stumbled, falling into my chest, and I wrapped an arm around his shoulder's, supporting him as we now met concrete sidewalk.

"Xavierrr!" He whined, "I don't wanna go homeee!"

I frowned, looking at his pout and pulled him along anyway.

"No!" He stopped, crossing his arms once we were halfway there. I rolled my eyes, "Let's go Shane!"

"No!" He pouted again, turning the other way. I put my hand on his shoulder and he began to lean on me, burrowing his head into my shoulder, "I don't wanna go homee.." he slurred his words, hugging me tightly.

I struggled to break from his grip and sighed, uselessly. "Shane, we're going to my place" I muttered, trying to push out of his muscular arms. He frowned, taking my beer from me, and drank some more, following me reluctantly. I sighed, glancing inside the pet shop, then proceeded home.

"Half way there.... OHHH!! LIVING ON A PRAYERR" Shane suddenly decided to sang in the street. I shushed him but he continued, content with himself.

"TAKE MY H-" he started again, and I cupped a hand over his mouth as I opened the door to my house.

"Zack...?" I asked, trying to see if my older brother was still up. I lived with him, since both my parents are in Australia right now. (Yes, Australia. They pretty much vacation whenever they want, leaving us with money, and Zack). Shane began mumbling to himself and I shushed him, tiptoeing into the living room.

A light clicked on. "Oh, nice of you to make it home on time" Zack sneered, sarcastically. He glanced at Shane, who was finishing my beer. "Oh and you brought a drunk home, how nice" he added, more cruel and sarcastic.

"Zack, I'm sorry... It got late..." I started.

He waved his hand and sighed, "I don't really care. You're late, and I should ground you" he crossed his arms. I frowned at how he always treated me like he was my father, just because we're 11 years apart.

"Can Shane stay.... please!?" I begged, giving my best "I'm sorry" look. He rolled his eyes, but nodded.

"Fine. But he had better not break anything.... again" Zack glared at us.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!!" I squealed.

"And don't even think about doing anything. I don't feel like being scarred if I catch you" Zack added, going upstairs.

"OH COMEON! It's not even like that!" I shouted at him, my face heating up. I glanced at Shane who seemed to be grinning. "Shut up..." I muttered, going to my room.

"Here, put these on" I tossed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt at Shane. I took off my shirt and laid on my bed, feeling tired. I felt Shane's body lay against mine. I sighed, glaring at him.

"Shane, I gave you clothes!" I exclaimed realizing he was only in his boxers.

He pulled me against his body with his strong grip. "I don't like blue..." he muttered, pushing his face into my chest.

"Well wear it anyway, I'm not sleeping like this next to you!" I snapped, struggling to break away. "I don't wanna sleep" he pouted.

"What do you want to do then?" I rolled my eyes. He glanced up and down at my body and my eyes widened, me pushing away from him.

"No! Absolutely not!" I snapped, "We are not... having sex..." I whispered the part incase Zack was eavesdropping. Shane started singing again and I sighed, cutting off the light, laying back on my bed.

The singing stopped and I felt soft lips pressed to my neck. "Hmm...." I suddenly moaned. Shane laid his body on top of mine, continuing until I snapped back to reality, pushing him away. "Shane knock it off!" I hissed.

He chuckled, grabbing me tighter this time, pushing his lips harder. I moaned again. "Shan-" I tried to yell at him but he covered my lips with his, now kissing me softly. I breathed, melting into the kiss until he placed a hand on the front of my pants. "Shane!" I broke off, slapping his hand away.

"Oh, come on Xavier..." he chuckled, "You know you want me..."

"No, I don't" I muttered, getting up.

I felt him grab me, pushing me back on the bed. "Shane stop!" I shouted, pushing against him, but he was too heavy and started to undo the front of my pants.

I squirmed and kicked, but I knew Shane was always stronger than me and had no choice left.

"Zack!" I screamed. No reply came.

Shane pinned me to the bed, covering his lips over mine to stop my screaming, "Xave, it's okay... I care about you..." he mumbled, kissing my collarbone.

"If you care, you'll snap out of it and stop!" I shouted at him, trying to push him off. He chuckled, undoing my pants, "Don't worry Xavee, I love you..." he slurred, letting his hands roam freely.

"Zack!" I screamed again. I felt myself beginning to cry, remembering he was probably out playing cards.

"God no!" I cried, as he tossed his boxers to the floor. Shane glared at me drunkly, hungrily.

"Relaxxx.... babyy.. itt'll onlyyy hurrttt aa secconndd" he slurred, before my vision went dark.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: oooh ;3 what's gonna happen next O . O

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