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Confused about whether you are attracted to guys, girls, or both? take this quiz to help you figure it out! (girls and guys)

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Hey! so i know this is a confusing thing, i myself have been confused about whether or not i am attracted to male female or both genders. i think this quiz will help you firgure it out, and if you do not recieve the result you were hoping for, i'm really sorry. results may very so answer honestly please.

  1. 1

    how lame is this quiz so far?

  2. 2

    Honestly, when you are looking at someone and find them attractive is that someone male or female?

  3. 3

    so why are you taking this quiz?

  4. 4

    pick a color. (not your favorite but which ever color you think is correct)

  5. 5

    ______s can't fly. i can't fly. there for i am a _______. (fill in the blank)

  6. 6

    if you catch yourself staring off into space, what are you normally staring at?

  7. 7

    honestly, do you like girls guys both or neither?

  8. 8

    sorry for all the questions, i didnt know exactly what to ask i should have prepared my questions before making this quiz. sorry guys :C can you forgive meeee?

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