STEVEN UNIVERSE: What crystal gem are you?

STEVEN UNIVERSE: What crystal gem are you?

by: person_123

Pearl has the pearl spear, her gem on her forehead
Amethyst has a gem on her chest, and she has a whip
Garent has two gems, on her hands, and she has fists
Rose Quartz has a laser light canon, and a rose quarts in her belly button, which she passed to Steven, and he has a shield.

If you were a crystal gem, where would your gem be, what would the gem be, and what would your weapon be?

  1. 1

    Fav color!

  2. 2

    fav food?

  3. 3

    fav music?

  4. 4

    fav show?

  5. 5

    why are you taking this quiz?

  6. 6

    One wish - what would it be?

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